Three Lost Children Daylesford

Jennifer’s story caught my attention with mention of Daylesford in Victoria which is near where my husband’s mother was born and raised (Koorweinguboora) When I told him of this story he said he could well imagine how easily children may become lost in that countryside as he nearly did so himself as a child.
Thanks for sharing the sad story about these poor lost boys Jennifer

Tracking Down The Family

On June 30 1867, three small children from Daylesford wandered from their home,  while playing and looking for goats near the Wombat Creek, close to their home. The children were William Graham (age 6), his brother, Thomas (age 4) and Alfred Burman (age 5). The alarm was raised when the children didn’t return home and a search began immediately. The search was called off when it became too dark and was resumed early next day. The day was a typical sunny winters day but the severest frost of the year was reported that night.

July 1, 1867: The search continued with locals and mounted police also involved. Again there was no sign of the boys.

July 2, 1867: Again the searchers gathered to continue in their determination to find the young lost boys. There were more than 100 horsemen and miners and other locals on foot. Two small footprints were…

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  1. Kerryn I’m pleased that you found this post interesting. It’s possible to walk the route the children took. It’s a distance of 15k and takes 5 hours which says a lot of how difficult the area is. I will be doing the walk in the spring.


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