New Zealand street photo

Recently Su from “Shaking the Tree” blog did a “Wordless Wednesday” post that street photography was alive and well in New Zealand too.  “Wordless Wednesday” is a blogging prompt from Geneabloggers. My post isn’t wordless but it made me remember my New Zealand Street photo of my maternal grandmother’s aunt, Emma Dorothea Davenport nee Hulme and her daughter.   I don’t know where or what year in New Zealand it was taken and I am not sure which daughter is in the photo as she had two, Elena Victoria and Emma Davera. My grandmother’s Aunt Emma was born on the 16th of January 1876 in Oxley, Victoria, Australia, the first daughter of Joseph Hulme and Anna Dorothea Bartsch.  She married Louis Davenport on the 10th of June 1896 also at Oxley. Their first three children Elena Victoria (1897), Emma Davera (1899) and Clarence Louis (1902) were born at Everton in Victoria but their last child, Frederick William was born in New Zealand in 1904.   emma davenport and daughter



  1. Su Leslie

    Great photo. I love their hats! It looks like they’re outside the Bank of New Zealand building in Queen Street Auckland (going by the pillars and railing, the look of the street and the number of people).


    • Wow really? Thanks for that information!


      • Su Leslie

        Informed guess only I’m afraid – my gut reaction 🙂


  2. Hi, Love your photo. I have one of my Nana, Mum and Aunty’s in the streets of Wellington. I thought it was the Queens St Auckland building also. Fran


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