Private Nicol Thomas Findlater

Nicol Thomas Findlater, a labourer,  enlisted on the 21st  of September 1914.

He was 32 years and 4 months of age, 5 foot 6 inches tall with dark complexion, brown eyes and dark hair.

He was born on the 27th of May 1882 at 3 Falconer’s Lane, Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland to parents James Nicol Findlater and Margaret nee Bowers.

Next of kin on his attestation paper was his brother, James Findlater of 22 Huon Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Nicol Findlater was my third cousin three times removed.  His great grandmother, Helen (Forsyth) Nicol was a sister of my 4 x great grandfather Alexander Forsyth

I’m fairly sure from looking at the Infantry records that Nicol was killed at Ypres.

nicol findlater


Veterans Affairs Canada has a Canadian Virtual War Memorial for their soldiers.

From this website you can order a copy of the page from the Book of Remembrance  on which your soldier is listed.

I ordered a copy for Nicol Findlater and it arrived in the mail the other day.

What a wonderful service.

Nicol Findlater

Nicol Findlater3

Nicol Findlater2

We Will Remember Them.



  1. Nancy Cutway

    Hi, Kerryn. Just discovered your page about my great-uncle Nicol Findlater.
    Actually, he was killed in France, at the battle of Festubert. His record shows his death occurring “18-22/5/1915” — in other words, he was blown up by a shell and they were not sure exactly when it occurred during the battle. Festubert is not far from Ypres, but is on the French side of the border. If you want his full military record (short as it is), you can now obtain it from Library and Archives Canada, or I can send you the PDF – just let me know.
    Your cousin Nancy


    • Hi Nancy, Thanks for that information.
      I’d love the record when you have a spare minute.
      The PDF would be great.
      Many thanks
      Kerryn x


  2. Safian Khan


    I’m doing a school project on Nicol Findlater and I was wondering if you had any pictures or any info about his childhood.

    Thanks, Safian


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