The Saxon boys from Euroa WW1

Kylie says

“There are over 150 soldiers from the Euroa District cited in this book.

A list is available below or simply click on the pdf book link on Kylie’s blog and search the document.
There is also an index at the rear of the book.
Search by Surname as soldiers often are referred to either by nicknames or initials. 🙂


Ernest Anderson (Euroa) SRN: 1111, 10494 -1st BAC/Brigade Headquarters/5thAus.Transport

Arthur Armstrong (Strathbogie) SRN: 1657 -21st Battalion/Trench Mortar Battery


Harry Barrett (Euroa) SRN: 2785 -8th Battalion/5th Pioneer Battalion

John Barry (Euroa/Carlton) SRN: 381 -7th Battalion/1st Pioneer Battalion

William Bateman (Donald/Maryborough) SRN: Lieutenant Colonel -21st Battalion/58th Battalion

Bert Beaton (Euroa) SRN: 1742 -8th Battalion

Francis Peter Beaton or Frank Beaton (Euroa) SRN: 3015, 4063, 1776 -22nd Battalion/51stBattalion

William Beaton (Euroa) SRN: 1912 -14th Battalion

William Belcher or Bill Belcher or Will Belcher (Miepoll South/Euroa) SRN: 223 -4th Light Horse Regiment/13th Light Horse

Charles Bell (Euroa) SRN: 755 -6th Machine Gun Company

Lindsay Bell or Lin Bell (Euroa) SRN: 2275 -3rd Pioneer Battalion

Sid Bell (Euroa) (Euroa) SRN: 5654 -8th Battalion

Herbert Bradford or Bert Bradford (Euroa) SRN: 7 -21st Battalion

Esmond Bunting or Es Bunting (Euroa) SRN: 297 -22nd Battalion

Alexander Burton or Alex Burton (Kyneton/Euroa) SRN: 384 -7th Battalion


Spencer Carne (Donald/Euroa) SRN: 1503 -24th Battalion

Esmond Carrick or Es Carrick (Euroa/Northcote) SRN: 72 -6th Battalion

Francis Charlton or Frank Charlton (Euroa) SRN: 800 -7th Battalion

Robert Charlton (Euroa) SRN: 4685 -Depot Battalion/21st Battalion

Arthur Clery (Violet Town) SRN: 2845 -2nd Pioneer Battalion

Alf Collins (Stanley/Beechworth/Euroa) SRN: 368 -7th Battalion

Maurice Corbett (Euroa/Melbourne) SRN: 2133 – 21st Battalion

James Cornish (Tungamah/Euroa) SRN: 2133 or 2133A -6th Battalion

Phil Cornish or “Nish” (Tungamah/Euroa) SRN: 76 -22nd Battalion Stretcher Bearer

George Cowell (Euroa) SRN: 183 -14th Battalion/4th Pioneer Battalion

Alex Crisfield (Great Western/Fairfield) SRN: 2531 -3rd Pioneer Battalion

Walter Crisfield (Great Western/Fairfield) SRN: 2350 -2nd Pioneer Battalion


Louis Dargatz (Locksley/Euroa) SRN: 530 -6th Battalion

Norman Dargatz (Locksley/Euroa) SRN: 1904 -57th Battalion

William De Boos (Euroa) SRN: 363 -22nd Battalion

Arthur Draper (Euroa) SRN: 4225 -Heavy Battery 4th Division/4th Division Artillary

William Dunlop or Bill Dunlop (Bendigo/Euroa) SRN: 1826 -8th Training Battalion/ 37th Battalion

Ernie Dunn (Shepparton) SRN: 1165 -24th Battalion

William Dunstan (Ballarat) SRN: 2130 -7th Battalion


Harold Elliott or “Pompey” (Charlton/Northcote) SRN: Lieutenant Colonel -7th Battalion/15th Brigade


Tom Fitzgerald (Euroa) SRN: 22 -7th Headquarters Driver

Jack Footter or John Footter (Boho/Violet Town) SRN: 2174 -21st Battalion

Leslie Ford or Les Ford (Ceres/Euroa) SRN: 5331 -21st Battalion Headquarters Pay Corps

Jack Fothergill (Broadford/Collingwood/Euroa) SRN: 195 -6th Battalion


Keith Gardiner (Euroa) SRN: 1683 -5th Battalion

Archie Gascoyne (Euroa) SRN: 155 -22nd Battalion

George Gascoyne or “Bunny” Gascoyne (Euroa) SRN: 1942 -8th Battalion

George Frederick Glover or Ensign Glover (Euroa) SRN: 4112 -5th Pioneer Battalion

Les Grant (Narracan) SRN: 11 -7th Battalion


Charlie Hamilton (Albury/Euroa) SRN: 1149 -6th Battery/5th Division Artillery

Max Hanley or “Mac” Hanley (Euroa) SRN: 1008 -22nd Battalion

Maurice Harrison (Euroa) SRN: 1952 -14th Battalion

Tom Hastie (Clifton Hill) SRN: 2nd Lieutenant -Headquarters 2nd Infantry Brigade

Sam Hatty (Beveridge/Timboon) SRN: 279 -4th Light Horse

Harry Hayes (Longwood) SRN: 273 -1st Anzac Regiment/ 13th Light Horse Regiment

Henry Alfred Hayes (Euroa/Strathbogie) SRN: 834 -22nd Battalion

Charlie Hill (Winchelsea) SRN: 4729 -21st Battalion/2nd Division Salvage

Bert Hinton or “Judge” Hinton (Euroa) SRN: 516 -3rd Battalion/55th Battalion

Frank Hinton (Euroa) SRN: 907 -17th Battalion


Adolphus Ison or Dolf Ison(Perth) SRN: 2162 -14th Battalion


William Jamieson (Kyneton) SRN: 690 -7th Battalion

Arthur Johnston (Euroa/Balwyn) SRN: 600 -14th Battalion

Fred Johnston (Euroa) SRN: 598 -14th Battalion – Bugler

Robert Johnston or Bob Johnston (Euroa/Perth) SRN: 313 -28th Battalion -CQMS

William Johnston (Euroa) SRN: 10871 -Headquarters 3rd Division

Thomas Jones (Warrandyte/Longwood) SRN: 13 -7th Battalion Headquarters


Harold Kennedy (Euroa) SRN: 810 -7th Battalion

Ernie Kerslake (Euroa) SRN: 2026A -26th Battalion

Fred Kiellerup (Narrandera) SRN: 1047 -6th Battalion

Herbert Kong Meng (Melbourne/Longwood) SRN: 21 – Headquarters Light Horse


Joe Lavery (Euroa) SRN: 1742 -2nd Pioneer Battalion

James Leonard or Jim Leonard (Euroa) SRN: 393 -7th Battalion

Leo Leonard (Euroa) SRN: 900 -21st Battalion

Michael Leonard (Euroa/Fitzroy) SRN: 3083 -6th Battalion/58th Battalion

Tom Leonard (Richmond/Euroa) SRN: 172 -23rd Battalion/62nd Battalion

Edward Lewis or Eddie Lewis (Euroa) SRN: 1535 -24thBattalion

John Lewis or “Doc” Lewis (Sydney/Euroa) SRN: 5705 -7th Battalion

Tom Liddell (Euroa) SRN: 769 -23rd Battalion

Harold Locke (Euroa/Violet Town) SRN: 2nd Lieutenant -Cyclist

George Lydiard (Balmattum/Euroa) SRN: Lieutenant -13th Light Horse/ 5th Division Cavalry


Tom Mackrell (Nanaweeu) SRN: 662 -24th Battalion

Thomas Maher or Tom Maher (Euroa) SRN: 2921 -7th Battalion

William Maher (Avenel/Euroa) SRN: 2917 -7th Battalion

Gordon Maxfield (Longwood) SRN: 2nd Lieutenant -21st Battalion

Leslie Maygar (England/Longwood) SRN: Captain -4th or 8th Light Horse

Charles McCombe (Euroa) SRN: 189 -23rdBattalion/65th Battalion

Russell McCombe (Euroa) SRN: 190 -22ndBattalion or 23rd Battalion

George McCoombe (Euroa/Violet Town) SRN: 5058 -24th Battalion

Joseph McEntee (Beechworth/Euroa) SRN: 2103 -37th Battalion

Francis McFarlane (Violet Town) SRN: 1988 -7th Battalion C Co

William McGregor or Bill McGregor (Wangaratta) SRN: 1535 or 1535a -24th Battalion

Jack McIvor or John McIvor (Macorna) SRN: 1150 & 1568 -22nd Battalion/65th Battalion

George McLeod (Euroa) SRN: 2861 -PioneerBattalion

William McNay (Unknown) SRN: 1076 -6th Battalion Driver

Archie Morgan (Euroa) SRN: 370 -7th Battalion

Arthur Morgan (Euroa) SRN: 225 -21st Battalion

Bert Morgan (Euroa) SRN: 2037 -22nd Battalion

William J.P. Morgan (Euroa) SRN: 893 -14th Battalion -Bugler

Stanley Muir (Elsternwick) SRN: 152 -4th Light Horse/68th Flying Squad


William Nowotna or Bill Nowotna (Dunkeld/Euroa) SRN: 567 – 13th Light Horse


John O’Connor (Melbourne) SRN:875 -22nd Battalion

David Owen (Benalla) SRN: 320 -4th Light Horse


Arthur Parker (Ballarat/Euroa) SRN: 294 & 9748 -Hospital Transport Corps/ 13th Field Ambulance

William Pezet or Will Pezet or Bill Pezet (Euroa/Bacchus Marsh) SRN: 403 -7th Battalion -Driver

Peter Pinder (Ireland/Gooram) SRN: 16 -7th Battalion Headquarters

Joe Power (Euroa) SRN: 609 -8th Light Horse

Hugh Prowd or Hughie Prowd (Bonnie Doon/Euroa) SRN 5808 -7th Battalion


Alexander Ramage (Violet Town) SRN: 5075 -24th Battalion

Edward Ramage (Violet Town) SRN: 701 -24th Battalion – Driver

Reg Ramage (Violet Town) SRN: 5076 -24th Battalion

Bill Rea (Boho/Queenscliff) SRN: 341 -7th Battalion – Signaller

Lindsay Cyril Reid (Deniliquin/Fitzroy) SRN: 989 -7th Battalion

Albert Riddle (Girgaree East/Euroa) SRN: 1637 -Naval & Military Expeditionary Force


Charlie Sanderson (Violet Town) SRN: 742 -4th Light Horse/4th Machine Gun Squadron

William Sargood or Bill Sargood (Euroa/Goorem) SRN: 4769 -24th Battalion

Bertie Saxon or Bert Saxon (Euroa/Violet Town) SRN: 2708 -2nd Pioneer Battalion

Francis Saxon (Brunswick/Euroa) SRN: 2384 -22nd Battalion

Joseph Saxon or Joe Saxon (Euroa) SRN: 1564 -22nd Battalion

William Saxon or Bill Saxon or “Shinner” Saxon (Euroa) SRN: 694 -7th Battalion – Stretcher Bearer

Thomas Saxon or Tom Saxon or “Sack” (Euroa/Violet Town) SRN: 485 -21st Battalion

Herb Sephton (Carlton) SRN: 1188 -7th Battalion

Ernie Sheppard (Euroa) SRN: 2273 & 1556 -24th Battalion

George Slow (England/Rutherglen) SRN: 960 -7th Battalion – Stretcher Bearer

Jack Stevenson or John Stevenson (Violet Town) SRN: 2260 -21st Battalion

James Stevenson (Violet Town) SRN: 341 -4th Light Horse/2nd ANZAC Light Horse

Joe Stevenson (Violet Town/Boho) SRN: 2258 -21st Battalion

Ralph Stevenson (Violet Town) SRN: 907 -22nd Battalion

William Stevenson (Violet Town) SRN: 342 -4th Light Horse


Eric Thewlis or Rick Thewlis (Locksley/Euroa) SRN: 69-13th Light Horse/1st ANZAC Army Corp

Frank Tubb (Longwood) SRN: 8 -7th Battalion -Transport – Special Forces

Frederick Tubb or Fred Tubb (Longwood) SRN: Lieutenant -7th Battalion Headquarters

Brian Turner or “Buster” Turner (Euroa) SRN: 3283 -24th Battalion

Theophilus Twomey or Ted Twomey (Euroa) SRN: 2701 -26th Battalion


Jack Underwood or John Underwood (Violet Town) SRN: 356 -4th Light Horse


Dave Wakenshaw (Balmattum/Euroa) SRN: 1041 & 2030B -8th Light Horse/4th Division Artillery

Phil Wale (Benalla) SRN: 1040 -7th Battalion

Albert Wall or Bert Wall (Gowangardie/Violet Town/Molka) SRN: 269 -22nd Battalion

John Wall (Violet Town/Molka) SRN: 270 -22nd Battalion

Roger Wall (Gowangardie/Violet Town/Molka) SRN: 271 -22nd Battalion

Harold Weatherhead or “Long-un” (Camperdown/Euroa) SRN: 303 -7th Battalion – Stretcher Bearer/Anzac Provisional Corp

Jack Weatherhead (Allansford) SRN: 298 -8th Light Horse

Jim Webb or James Webb (Dunnolly/Euroa) SRN: 359 -4th Light Horse

Louis Webb (Mooroopna/Rheola) SRN: 1610 -6th Battalion

George Whitechurch (Avenel) SRN: 645 -4th Light Horse

William Whitechurch (Avenel/Seymour) SRN: 2254 -8th Battalion

Clarence Wignell (Euroa) SRN: 20 -7th Battalion

Everard Wignell (Euroa) SRN: 19 -7th Battalion

Jack Wiltshire or John Wiltshire (Longwood/Caldermeade) SRN: 866 -23rd Battalion

Roy Wiltshire or Aubery Wiltshire (Longwood/Armadale) SRN: 2nd Lieutenan -22ndBattalion

Jack Wynn or John Wynn (Scotland/Euroa) SRN: 1501 & 1630 -22nd Battalion”



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  1. I’ve made note of this post. A spectacular thought with ANZAC Day around the corner!


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