Kiely family of Edi Upper

My Mum’s paternal grand-aunt Amelia Agnes “Millie” HART married Edmund Wills (or Wells) KIELY in Victoria in 1901.

Millie was born in 1879 at Echuca, the sister of my Mum’s grandmother, Margaret HART.  They were daughters of Peter HART, originally from Huntingdonshire, England, and Agnes MASON.

Millie and Edmund KIELY had 7 children all born in the Wangaratta region, Victoria where they farmed for many years.

One of the boys in 1912 swallowed strychnine and luckily survived.

Edmund Kiely died in 1935.
Millie KIELY nee HART died in 1971 at the grand age of 92 years.
Longevity seems to run in the family as Mum’s grandmother also lived to her 90s as did many of the HART sisters.


  1. Maureen Scott (nee Kiely)

    Thank you for this information. I have just been given a photograph of Edmund & Amelia’s wedding (my great grandparents) and was trying to find when it was taken. Your information has been a great help.

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  2. Claire

    Hi Ladies. Just chasing family history. My great grandparents are Amelia Hart and Edmund Kiely. My grandmother is Dorothy Boyd nee Kiely. Would love to know how we are related. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Claire Flood nee Boyd

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    • June Golin

      Hello Claire. Amelia {Millie} and Edmund are also my gt grandparents. My mothers mother Lillian Jones is your grandmother Dorothy{Doll} sister.Sadly all gone now,we are the elders of the family.I live in Wangaratta

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      • Claire Flood

        Hello June, What a wonderful surprise. I would love to stay in contact and trade information. I don’t have alot. My Father is still alive. He is the eldest son of Dorothy and Tom Boyd (both gone). I live in Bendigo so we are not to far apart.

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    • We must arrange a meet up one day soon


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