Strong Woman

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 10: Strong Woman

There are plenty of strong women in my family tree even though they may not think so.
Some of their stories are heartbreaking, all are inspiring.
Most inspiring to me at the moment is my first cousin Denys in New Zealand.
Denys and I didn’t know each other existed until we did an AncestryDNA test at almost the same time 10 months ago.
We are actually half first cousins, sharing the same paternal grandfather.
Click the link to read about  Our DNA discovery
Despite not having met in person yet we have grown very close.
Denys has been through the heartbreak of losing a younger brother who was only 17 years old, enduring an awful first marriage, losing her second eldest daughter to suicide and now supporting her dearly loved current husband in his battle with terminal cancer.

Your heart is one of the best Denys xx
Strong women in my family tree that I have previously written about:
Mary Agnes Adams nee Morgan   My paternal great-grandmother


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