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Charles Nightingale Adams

Charles Nightingale Adams was born in 1890 in Balmain NSW Australia and died on the 26 Feb 1944 in Wellington, New Zealand. He was the fourth son of Edward Adams and Selina Rose nee Clifton who moved from Sydney Australia to New Zealand about 1905.   Charles married Alice Maud Southwood Pinhey on the 5th of February 1917. Just over a month before his marriage …

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William Forsyth – New Zealand Army WW1

William James Forsyth was born on the 16th of August 1888 at Coutts Island, Canterbury, New Zealand. He was my Great Grand Uncle, the second youngest son of my great great grandparents, Robert and Jessie Forsyth (nee Farquhar). We are yet to find out when and where he died. William enlisted in the Auckland Military Rifles …

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New Zealand street photo

Recently Su from “Shaking the Tree” blog did a “Wordless Wednesday” post that street photography was alive and well in New Zealand too.  “Wordless Wednesday” is a blogging prompt from Geneabloggers. My post isn’t wordless but it made me remember my New Zealand Street photo of my maternal grandmother’s aunt, Emma Dorothea Davenport nee Hulme and her …

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