Birth record of Anna Dorothea Bartsh “born at sea” found at last!


I have finally found the Marine register birth of my great-great-grandmother Anna Dorothea Bartsh.
I wish I could share this news with her grandson Joe Bradshaw, my 1st cousin twice removed, and his wife Nancy.  Sadly they have both passed away now.  Rest peacefully, Nancy and Joe.
I think Nancy and Joe are helping me along somehow.
Not that long ago I found the Prussian marriage record for Anna Dorothea’s parents Johann Friedrich Heinrich Bartsch and Anna Dorothea Nebel

Digital copy of this photo was given to me by Nancy and Joe Bradshaw.
There was some contention amongst family researchers about Anna Dorothea being born at sea onboard the Danish ship “Acmel”.
Many said she was, others said she wasn’t.
In searching for her birth record I had to use very broad search parameters.
Anna Dorothea Bartsch was born en route to Australia from Prussia to Johann Heinrich Barts(c)h and Anna Dorothea Nebel.
This is the result my search turned up in Victorian birth death and marriage “events at sea”
The transcription of this document is terrible but I do admit it is very hard to read and transcribe.
  • The surname is Bartsh or Bartsch not Bartiht
  • The ship’s name was Acmel not Climel
  • Her mother’s maiden name was Nebel, not Nobels.

So, along with the fact that Anna Dorothea stated on her marriage to Joseph Hulme that she was born at sea, finding this record and having learned of the German naming pattern at  which shows that her elder sister known as Emma was named Anna Dorothea Emma, I am happy that this is all confirmation that my great-great-grandmother Anna Dorothea Bartsh was born at sea on the ship Acmel en route to Australia.

 Anna Dorothea’s cousin Emile Nebel was also born on board the Acmel enroute to Australia.
His birth was recorded on the same page as his cousins.

The transcription of this document wasn’t quite so bad.

  • The ship’s name was Acmel not Climel
  • His mother’s surname was Umlang not Unilang
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