Charles Nightingale Adams

Charles Nightingale Adams was born in 1890 in Balmain NSW Australia and died on the 26 Feb 1944 in Wellington, New Zealand.

He was the fourth son of Edward Adams and Selina Rose nee Clifton who moved from Sydney Australia to New Zealand about 1905.   Charles married Alice Maud Southwood Pinhey on the 5th of February 1917.

Just over a month before his marriage Charles was enlisted with the 27th reinforcements (second draft) New Zealand Army Nursing Service on the 28th of December 1916.  Conscription was introduced in New Zealand in August 1916.

charles  nightingale adams military


Charles N Adams

Charles Nightingale Adams

Embarkation from Wellington, New Zealand to Liverpool, England was on the 16th of July 1917 aboard the SS Athenic.  The record is hard to decipher but it looks like Charles was the corporal dispenser on the voyage and reverted to dispenser for the ranks on arrival at Sling on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

Athenic at Queens Wharf, Wellington 1913

Athenic at Queens Wharf, Wellington 1913 from the Wikimedia Commons.


ss athenic

postcard of ss athenic from the Wikimedia Commons.

Photos from Wikipedia information on the SS Athenic

Charles embarked for New Zealand on the 4th of July 1919 and was discharged on the termination of engagement on the 18th of September 1919.

He continued his work as a chemist and died on the 26th of February, 1944.

death notice


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